Find Your Trade-In Value Online at Frank Subaru

Getting an accurate estimate of your trade-in's value allows you to shop for your next car with a more accurate idea of your budget. Instead of a vague range, you can find what will result in the best combination of down payment and monthly payments.

Find Your Trade-In Value Easy

Your trade-in's value is easy to find. Put in your contact information and as much information on your vehicle as you can. Even things like color can make a difference. The more you can give us, the more accurate the estimate will be. Once you submit the form, we'll be in contact with you shortly to let you know what your trade-in is worth. When it comes time to trade it in, we can just double-check that the information is correct to speed things along.

Use the Value to Budget for Your Next Vehicle

Once you have your car's value, you'll be able to look at new and used vehicles with more confidence. You know what will already be taken care of by your trade-in, so you can figure out what different down payments will look like for you.

Benefit from Amazing Finance and Lease Deals

When you've found a new or used model you like, our finance team will be happy to help you find the perfect way to pay for it. Whether you want to lease that new Subaru Outback, or you've been looking at a used Toyota Camry you want to finance, we can find you a terrific deal.

Trade-In Your Old Car and Make Paying for the Next One a Breeze

Don't hesitate to apply for financing at Frank Subaru once you have your trade-in value. You may be surprised at how low your monthly payments can be. If you're trading in a Subaru, don't forget to take advantage of the Subaru Trade Up Advantage® Program to get the best value for your used car.

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