During the current pandemic we know you might have many questions regarding payment, leasing or trading options on your vehicle. That's why we got together with Frank Subaru Assistant General Manager, Nick Fornaca, to have him answer some of our customers most common questions.
1. Can I lower my payment?

Yes, many customers are doing just that. If you have been paying on your vehicle loan for the past few years, more than likely, you have built up equity in that vehicle. You can trade that vehicle into us.  Look at a new, certified or used vehicle.  Apply that built up equity to your vehicle purchase and lower your existing monthly payment on the new vehicle from Frank Subaru.*
2. Is now a good time to trade in my car?

Yes, now is a great time to trade in your car. Take advantage of book values being high on your trade-in. Also, we are always looking for vehicles to resell.  Such as Certified Vehicles or used vehicles for our lot. With interest rates near all-time lows, it's a great time to get into a new vehicle. Are you wondering what the value on your current vehicle is? Get the vehicle appraisal process started now by filling out our vehicle appraisal form.
3. What if I want to sell my car?

We are always looking to purchase vehicles with less than 300,000 miles for our used car inventory. If you have a vehicle that may just be an extra car, running or not, or a car that you just need to get rid of, Frank Subaru is always looking to buy cars directly from consumers.  Find out what your vehicle is valued at by filling out our vehicle appraisal form.
4. What are my options on my current loan?  Can I trade it in early? Can I get out of my vehicle lease or loan early?

Many customers do not realize that if you lease or loan is not up yet we can still take that vehicle in on trade early.  Whether it's a financed or leased or paid off vehicle, you can trade in that vehicle at any point towards your next vehicle purchase.*
Nick answers them all! As a family owned dealership working as a designated essential business we believe it's our mission to not only help you navigate through your options during this pandemic, but also through the life of your vehicle. We're easy to get in contact with at FrankSubaru.com.

We look forward to getting in contact with you and helping you explore your vehicle options.
*Any equity deficit in your current vehicle must be paid or balance deficit will be added to the balance of the new loan. Financing of the purchased vehicle is subject to credit approval.