Frank Subaru is an Authorized Subaru Lease Return Center and you may return your vehicle here, regardless of where you leased it.

Here, we discuss your 3 lease-end options AND how you can make money turning in your Subaru lease in at Frank Subaru.

Option 1: I want to LEASE of PURCHASE another new Subaru
Option 2: 1 want to RETURN my Subaru
Option 3: I want to BUY my Leased Subaru

Subaru Lease End Option 1 - I want to LEASE or PURCHASE a new Subaru
Return your vehicle and lease a new one - a great way to "reset" your bumper-to-bumper warranty and always drive a new Subaru with the latest safety, MPG and technology features. If you select this option, CLICK HERE to follow these simple steps as you approach the end of your lease.

Subaru Lease End Option 2 - I want to RETURN my Subaru
Return your leased vehicle to Frank Subaru. Even if you leased your Subaru elsewhere, Frank Subaru will assist you in the return. CLICK HERE for some of the steps you will need to take if you choose this option.

Subaru Lease End Option 3 - I want to BUY my Subaru
If you decide to buy your leased vehicle, there is no need to have it inspected. After all, it's the ultimate "used car" because nobody know your car better than YOU! Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1 - Arrange an appointment to purchase your vehicle.
Step 2 - We will obtain a payoff quote to determine the purchase price.
Step 3-
Provide payment or finance options. Get Pre-Approved NOW.