If you're a fan of Subaru, you know that the company is dedicated to the environment. To offer another eco-friendly option to adventurous drivers in the San Diego area, Subaru is releasing the new Crosstrek Hybrid. With its sophisticated hybrid powertrain, this SUV takes fuel economy to the next level for Coronado shoppers.

About the Crosstrek Hybrid

The Crosstrek Hybrid takes the already-efficient BOXER engine and makes it even more remarkable. This SUV comes with a plug-in hybrid design that combines a BOXER gas engine with an electric motor and battery. You can charge the battery at home or on the go; the Crosstrek also boosts the charge when you drive. With this cutting-edge design, the Crosstrek Hybrid gets a mind-boggling EPA-estimated 90 MPGe. That means that every time you leave with a full tank and battery, you can drive up to 480 miles.

The best part? Subaru's new StarDrive Technology takes out all of the guesswork. All you have to do is drive — StarDrive chooses the optimal settings for torque and power to give you the best efficiency and acceleration. It automatically switches you into EV mode whenever possible, so you can drive without using fuel or sending emissions into the atmosphere.

Subaru's Environmental Commitment

At Frank Subaru, we know that Subaru owners are committed to reducing their environmental impact. That's why we're so proud to be a part of the brand's many eco-friendly programs. Through the Subaru Loves the Earth initiative, the company actively works to reduce landfill contribution and increase recycling. We also partner with the National Park Foundation to help protect our most valuable and beautiful wilderness areas. That's just the start — during Earth Month and every month, Subaru works with conservation groups, Leave No Trace, and other important organizations that are working to improve life for everyone on the planet.

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If you're interested in the Crosstrek Hybrid, or if you want to find out more about Subaru's environmental efforts, we encourage you to contact our team in National City today.

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