It was total heart felt effort from San Diego Subaru customers who purchased from us. Another 64,788 reasons why we say thank you for choosing Frank Subaru! 

Throughout the winter, having started at the end of November through January 2nd during our Share the Love event we raised $64,788 for Rady Children's Hospital. It was a complete team effort - but we want to say, thank you San Diego for your continued support and for putting your trust into Frank Subaru when it comes to your vehicle needs!

Because of you, more kids not only in San Diego, but nation wide will able to receive top tier advanced health care from Doctors when they arrive to Rady Children’s hospital where Doctors are using state of the art equipment.  

This equipment not only saves lives, but attracts the top Doctors world wide to want to come to work at Rady Children's Hospital. ??“We are at present time planning and in the initial phases of construction at the Heart Institute of Rady of something called an  Image Guided Intervention Center, which is really going to be a state of the art portion of the heart institute that will allow our patients like Izzy and others to come to the heart institute and have procedures and imaging testing done, in a state of the art and cutting edge manner that will be safer and more accurate and ultimately to help improve their overall care.” Director of Rady Children’s Cardiopulmonary Exercise Laboratory and of the Cardiac Outpatient Clinic, Dr. Christopher Davis said.

But donations go further than obtaining new equipment. Donations help the entire hospital, from upgrades to family lounges, to staffing that cares for not only a child in need but their families as well, the spread is shared. ??“We are so honored at Rady Children’s Hospital to be the recipient of your generosity for the past 3 years. The Share the Love campaign is a wonderful opportunity for Frank Subaru to bring the community together and give them the opportunity to support Rady Children’s Hospital. So we thank you for giving the community that opportunity and giving us that support.” -Vice President of Philanthropy, Carol Damon-Scherer said.??“We are constantly trying to look for opportunities to receive funding and have this state of the care here at Rady Children’s Hospital for our community and for the region”

Thank you San Diego for your continued support and thank you for making us once again, the Subaru Love Promise Customer & Community Commitment Award winner for the second year in a row! ??President Ron Fornaca shared sentiments about his father Frank’s legacy and confidently place direction with the dealership. “With my father, being the founder, his love of family, what he brought to us and he how raised us, I think that he would be very proud of the fact that we have this relationship with Rady Children’s Hospital. Their values match ours, our values match Subaru so between all three of us, it has been a wonderful relationship and we want to keep that going.??

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