We had a wonderful time Making a Wish come true!

Frank Subaru was proud to team up with Make a Wish San Diego, Glenn’s Auto Body and Subaru to help make Ayden’s wish of a souping up his 2013 BRZ a reality. Ayden, his parents and his friends all came down wondering what our Revamp Specialist Team brought to the table with the 2013 Subaru BRZ.  Needeless to say, they were not disappointed! Adding to the excitement, San Diego Subies car club came to have a talk with Ayden, and even gave him tips and tricks on what upgrades he could look forward to in the future. Local San Diego Subaru Ambassadors also came through and lended Ayden some official Subaru swag to lug all his gear around safely and efficiently. We’d like to thank all the guests involved in coming and solidifying this special moment for Ayden. Ron Fornaca said it best, “This all starts with community!”

Here's a CBS8 Segment on the Story: http://www.cbs8.com/story/40041893/make-a-wish-grants-car-makeover-for-escondido-teen


Preparing the 2013 BRZ Revamp

Everything Danny Did to Ayden's 2013 BRZ

Ayden Meets his Souped Up BRZ

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