Santa Little Tommy did it again for the 23rd time in his career! He brought Christmas to a family who might not otherwise have gotten a Christmas celebration due to extreme hardship and unusual circumstances. You can read the full letter over at @star941fm!

So many great teams involved with this one, thank you San Diego for banding together: @star941fm @kusinews @coxcommunications @calicomfortbbq @kahootsfeedandpet @humbledesignsandiego @jeromesfurniture @cpinhd @tommysablan @willysantos there were so many others who donated their time, love and energy to helping bring this event to light!


Here is a highlight video of how it all goes down! For context here’s the basic blue print: the crew meets up generally before the crack of dawn where they then all meet and gather. Once everyone is there the game plan is set and the caravan sets out to the location of the house where it all goes down!

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