Frank Subaru Loves to Care! - That’s why we took some time to visit some patients at Rady Children's Hospital to let them know that on behalf of all Frank Subaru patrons, we all cared!

We got to meet some super positive kids who were battling illnesses and gifted them some blankets, an art kit and Frank Subaru sunglasses. Being in those rooms with the kids and their parents was such a humbling experience. It allowed us to get a better understanding and feel for what that family and child is going through. Visiting the kids in a hospital setting is very warm reminder that life can be so tender and it's so important to love our little ones in the community and let them know we care!

We’re super hopeful the Subaru provided art kit will serve as an extension to break up the routine that each child goes through while being medicated. We hope each child feels the comfort and warmth from the blankets gifted and we know for sure, the kids will feel as cool as ever in some Frank Subaru sunglasses for when the sunshine takes on its key role this summer!

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