Hybrid lovers rejoice! SUBARU AWD is making its return to the Hybrid scene. That’s right, this winter, the 2019 Subaru Crosstrek is set to make its arrival to the Subaru line up.  Now, you may remember back in 2015, when the Crosstrek XV actually did have a Hybrid option while maintaining AWD, however it did not come with a plug-in option. That’s where this 2019 edition will dominate compared to the 2015 model.

We don’t have too much concrete info, but expect it to remain a four-cylinder Boxer Engine with a price release date near the end of November. We’ve been told we’ll have the 2019 Hybrid Crosstrek on our lots this winter, more so toward the end of December or early January.

According to – there will be a pure electric mode, most likely similar to how other hybrid models work with pure electric mode, very low speeds, which is perfect for the stop and go towns we’ve all grown accustomed to in San Diego, CA.

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