As you may have heard, the story behind Frank Motors Group is one that’s both impressive and inspiring, proudly holding a spot as one of San Diego’s longest-running family operated businesses. What you may not know, however, is the people behind the company today – those who have a special bond to the name, working hard to ensure that Frank Subaru will remain San Diego’s most trusted and service-driven dealerships and setting the stage for generations to come.


Here are some of the people that make up the Frank Motors Group family:


Frank Fornaca is the man behind it all! Frank and his brother Felice were the brains behind Frank Motors, setting out to redefine the car-buying business in 1965. With a number of successful dealerships throughout San Diego and a thriving company more than 52 years later, we think it’s safe to say that they’ve succeeded!


Ron Fornaca:


“We have made a commitment to keeping the dealership in the family. We have grown up in the business—this is what we are passionate about doing.” – Ron Fornaca


Ron is the son of Frank, taking over as the president of Frank Subaru and Frank Hyundai in 2017. His dedication to his father and the family business has helped him continue Frank’s legacy, applying the lessons he learned from Frank to evolve the business through changing times, while still maintaining the foundation and values of which Frank Motors was built. Today, Ron continues to teach these same practices to his children Elise and Nicholas, as they also continue to grow with the family business.


Gary Fenelli:


It didn’t take long for the family to welcome Gary, son-in-law to Frank, into the family business! Over 40 years later, he takes on the role as the president of Frank Toyota, one of the busiest dealerships in San Diego. Like many others in the Fornaca-Fenelli family, Gary has a passion to give back, working with the Honorary Deputy Sheriffs Association as an inspirational speaker for Juvenile Hall and youth detention centers in San Diego. He was sure to keep the tradition alive, with his children Marco, Marianna and Monica following in his footsteps and holding roles at Frank Motors as well!


Marco Fenelli:


“When you walk into Frank Toyota, we want you to have a feel of family, not your average car dealership.” – Marco Fenelli


Marco is the oldest grandson of Frank, and now proudly holds the general sales manager position at Frank Toyota under his father Gary. He admits that the hustle and bustle of the dealership was one of the factors that drew him in over 20 years ago, but more importantly, he loves the family tradition. When he’s not selling cars and motivating the staff, he works closely with San Diego’s bass fishing community, offering support in any way he can.


Mariana Fenelli Khouri:


Mariana is also a member of the Fenelli family, as a daughter to Gary and granddaughter to Frank. After growing up within the business, she now finds herself as the Controller of Frank Motors. She says that there is nothing quite like working alongside your family, as it’s brought everyone together throughout the years, which shows in their service and customer care. She looks forward to their family dinners at Frank’s house every Sunday evening.


Monica Fenelli Salem:


“Growing up, I loved going to visit my grandpa and great uncle at work. It means so much to be able to carry on the family business.” – Monica Fenelli Salem


Monica is one of Frank’s granddaughters, who now works as the marketing director for Frank Motors. She has grown up around the business and has been part of the Frank Motors team since 2003. Monica has a passion to do better throughout the community, serving on the boards of the Big Brothers Big Sisters San Diego and Rady Children’s Hospital. Monica loves that she is able to team up with the brand to make an even bigger impact throughout the community every day.


Elise Fornaca:


“I feel so proud to be a part of the business my great-grandfather built over 100 years ago—I look at every day as an opportunity to carry on this legacy.”  – Elise Fornaca


As one of the youngest in the family to hold a position at Frank Motors, Elise has quickly made a name as the digital marketing manager. After gaining experience in the marketing field and earning her degree at Loyola Marymount in 2012, Elise returned to San Diego. Using her expertise Elise has been able to better the company’s online image and presence, while also investing in the community through the Subaru Love Promise and other great non-profit organizations throughout San Diego.


Nicholas Fornaca:


Nicholas, son of Ron, is the newest addition to the business, joining the team as a service assistant this year. As the youngest member of Frank Motors, he admits that there is a lot to learn, but knows that with the support of his family and hard work, he’ll be successful no matter what role he takes on.


It’s time to put a name to the faces, be sure to stop by the new Superstore at Frank Subaru or any other Frank Motors lot and say hello to the Fornaca-Fenelli team. Or follow along with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages!




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