’Tis the season to share the love! Inspired by San Diego’s Hall of Fame Radio Producer, Little Tommy’s Breaking and Entering, we felt compelled to pay it forward and put on our best efforts for our very own local Breaking & Entering! With the help of Big Brothers and Big Sister’s we were able to help coordinate a jolly Breaking & Entering! What exactly is Breaking & Entering? Essentially, with Big Sister Lex’s help, we are able to get the family to leave their home for a period of time. With the help of Fornaca, Fenelli, Big Brothers Big Sisters & friends elves we were able to dump old furniture and load in new goods! 

This particular family had a lot of set backs recently so our goal was to help lift them up! Santa’s sleigh unloaded gifts for 4 kids and the mother as well. We we’re also able to provide them with all new bedding! It was so great to see the home turnover positively! Of course none of this was possible without you - our loyal customer, who continues to support our family owned & operated business! 

Let’s ride this positive note until the New Year! Happy Holidays! 


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